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Welcome to London Scrap Copper

We Buy Scrap Copper and serve the London area. To get the best price when selling your scrap copper
metal it is always best to "Clean" your Metals first, the term clean means getting the Scrap copper as pure
as possible.
Free scrap copper collection in London, Wembley area
We are a Mobile Scrap Metal

We weigh your metals then pay direct
wherever you are, we may ask for a proof
of ID if we are not collecting from your
home address or place of work.
More than 20 years' experience
Fully licensed by the Environment Agency
Free collection service
Prompt and friendly staff
Covering all of London
Free, no obligation quotations available
Trade prices paid on purchases over 100kg
Further price increase on every 100kg thereafter

Our Mobile Scrap Metal Service means we bring the Scrap Yard to you, This saves time and the hassle of
waiting in long queues, A busy Scrap Yard would not have the time to help you sort through your metals.
London Scrap Copper - London scrap copper collectors
For a Free Scrap Copper
Collection: 0780 864 4487
We buy scrap copper and serve the London area. We come and collect your scrap copper anywhere in London.
Fast payment

24 Hour Contact Number Tel 08726300123 at 14p min
For A Free No Obligation Quotation
Call 07802-780-631